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Firstly, you need to know that no one could work on the river without being licensed. Suffice it to say that since 1715, or some say 1716, six first year freemen have taken part in this rowing race (from The Old Swan tavern at London Bridge to The New Swan tavern at Chelsea) .

And to get a license you had to become an apprentice and serve under a master. Originally held on the 1st day of August.(as laid down by Doggett, to commemorate the accession of George 1, the race is nowadays actually held towards the end of July each year.

After a further 5 years, the boy was examined by the Company again, and if successful, gained his ‘freedom’ i.e a full license to work on the river as a Waterman. Richard Cooper Ffrancis Clerke William Compton Mathew Barber Walter Rogers Ffrancis Pallmer William Browne Will Groves Daniell Collins Rich Barnett Abrah. Hopekins Jonas Coleby John Mitchell Richard Damell Edward Saunders Phillip Carloss John Jones Thomas Browne Humphry Bennham Will Hill Joseph Stevens Rich Morgann Michaell Whitehouse John Bairoso John James Tho.

To see a 1962 copy of a Certificate of Freedom please click here. Pallmer Miles Chapman John Larsson Will Richards Click here to see a copy of the original document.

We hope you will find something of interest, either here on the pages which follow, or in other sections of our site, which cover Parish Register information and Family History supplies. If you have a Waterman or Lighterman Ancestor then you are very fortunate indeed. lists the surname and forenames of some 525 Watermen, together with both the name of the ship they were serving in and how many guns it had.

The surviving records of the Company of Watermen & Lightermen are rich and varied, and date back to the late 17th Century. Additional notation sometimes included such details as their rank or the date they arrived on the ship. These provide a fascinating insight into the Fleet as a whole during the time of Nelson’s Navy.

The Bindings books (recording when and to whom an apprentice was ‘bound’) and the Affidavit birth proof records (noting the date and place of birth of an apprentice) provide a straightforward source of genealogical information. The index lists 233 ships, including 85 ships of the line.

If you are not able to get to the Guildhall, then we offer a number of alternatives. Once you have the date and place of birth, you can search the Parish registers to obtain further genealogical information on your family. Click here to see a group photo, taken in 1908, of 20 winners (from 1868 onwards) wearing their coats and badges 1934 Dogget`s race. Joseph Harding Jnr – Winner of the 1893 Doggett’s Coat & Badge Race.In that year, Parliament introduced an act to regulate the fares charged by London Watermen. 1958 Stratford, Jack 1959 Metcalfe, Sir Ralph 1960 Sudbury, Frederick A. July 1673 List of Watermen Imprest into the Navy The list below was transcribed from the original held at the National Archives, Kew. Lane 17 William Burniford 18 Thomas Philips 19 Roger Jones 20 Henry Williams 21 John Guy 22 James Mealman3rd July 16 Alexander Ffarr 24 Henry ?(Lamentably, it has been recorded that Watermen, once safely away from the banks, sometimes threatened to tip their unfortunate passengers into the river unless more money was forthcoming.) Further regulations regarding apprenticeships and complaints followed and in 1555 a governing body to be called The Waterman’s Company was set up. opeland 25 William Pope 26 William Knight 27 Samuel ? Heather, 17th August 2009 July 1673 List of Watermen Imprest into the Navy 16 John Crowch = Lane (= could mean aka or als) 21 Samuel Wayer 24 Henry Copeland 36 Thomas Will[son] (the last 8 are in the same hand, if Mitchell is right then Miller is wrong) 41 William Bosby or Bosly not Boffy (see ff in Griffen) 42 Robert ffone[x] (see ffarr & Jones, the last letter looks like the x I have seen in several Parish Registers, where the date has been written in Roman Numerals, usually during the 1600’s, but it makes a most unusual name) I have a few suggestions for the 1673 List of Watermen Imprest at the Tower of London Michaell Whitehouse looks like Whitehead John Bairoso looks like it should be Barrow Phillip Carloss looks like Carless John Larssen looks more like Larsenco, but I’m probably wrong on that one 2.More information on the History of the Company can be found on the Bindings records CD produced by Rob Cottrell. Additionally, there is a chapter on the Company in James’ e book ‘A Guide to Tracing Your Watermen & Lightermen Ancestors’. All the men below were recorded with the notation ‘Occupation: waterman’.Click here for more information and to order your copy now. P 1940 Rogers, Harry 1941 Etheredge, Charles D 1942 Etheredge, Charles D 1943 Braithwaite, Charles T. None were recorded as having any liability to the property tax. The Marquis of Hamilton was instructed by the King in 1630 to levy troops to fight for the Protestant cause in Europe, under the Swedish king, Gustavus Adolphus, (the “Lion of the North”).

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The Apprentice Bindings books (which record the name of the apprentice, the date of binding, the master’s name and mooring, and the date of freedom (i.e when the apprentice having learned his trade, qualified to get his own license) cover the period 1688 to 1949. It is the oldest annual sporting event in Britain if not in the world.

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