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Forex Strategy Builder looks inside the current time frame using all shorter data periods to produce a realistic market back test.

It also calculates the most profitable combination of parameters for the selected indicators, plots the average result balance between all possible market scenarios (while protecting the Strategy from curve-fitting), shows the price fluctuation inside each bar, and recognizes all the ambiguous bars in the back test.

Yeah I think there is a disconnect there somewhat in that they are actively managed funds, not passively managed.

Custom indicators and out of sample testing is also available.

In short, Forex Strategy Builder provides you with all you need to quickly perform an in-depth technical analysis.

There's no magic to Wellesley and Wellington, you can recreate a similar asset allocation from Vanguard index funds.

Having said that my 403b has been 100% Wellesley for the past 10 years and I also have some in my IRA, mostly due to inertia.

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