Nis ipnodes not updating Hookups no card neeed

The existence of slave servers lets the system administrator evenly distribute the load that results from answering NIS requests.It also minimizes the impact of a server becoming unavailable.

Creating NIS maps is described in more detail later in this chapter in the "Configuring an NIS Master Server" section. They are described in Table 12.5, including the corresponding file that is used to create each of them., formerly called the Yellow Pages (YP), is a distributed database system that lets the system administrator administer the configuration of many hosts from a central location.Common configuration information, which would have to be maintained separately on each host in a network without NIS, can be stored and maintained in a central location and then propagated to all the nodes in the network.The information in these files is put into NIS databases automatically when you create an NIS master server.Other system files can also be managed by NIS if you want to customize your configuration.

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