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But I haven't talked to him since, like, May." Having "learned her lesson" about mentioning her private life at all in interviews, Underwood refuses to say whether she's currently dating.

"It's even more awkward when rumors emerge that you're dating people you're not—like, say, a certain Olympic gold medalist in swimming, as happened after the Beijing Games in August. So I can definitely see where she would be coming from.

Such is the bubble Underwood is living in—a weird, often lonely, train-whistle-in-the-distance kind of place. The incessant rumors have led her to stop using the Internet except for e-mail.

"I don't think people realize that when you do an interview, the magazine comes out six months later.1 singles and garnered the highest first-week sales for any female artist in 2007 when it was released a year ago. Underwood is on stage at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, belting out Randy Travis' "I Told You So." As the song winds down, its writer stealthily approaches the stage from behind to surprise her. People can look at that person and be like, `Oh my gosh, I'm a college student just like her—she's from a small town, I'm from a small town.' People can really relate to that."From farm to fame—it's at the heart of the American Idol fantasy: Celebrities are not only just like us, they are us.Idol judge Randy Jackson remains a big fan and has enjoyed watching her progress. Travis has been asked to invite Underwood to be the Opry's newest and youngest current member. As Underwood's friend and cowriter Barry Dean puts it, "This girl went from working at a chicken restaurant or whatever she was doing in college to being one of the top female country artists of all time." He describes how, after winning Idol, Underwood moved from rural Checotah, Oklahoma, population 3,500, to a quiet Nashville suburb, and how she would leave her name and number on the sign-up sheet for pickup games at the local tennis courts. She had even gone back to Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, to finish her degree in mass communications in 2006 after winning Idol. I've had people for the last three days texting me and calling me: `Do you know Michael Phelps? "See, this is always a tricky thing," Underwood answers. The only conversation that ever came up was when we were watching the Olympics and somebody would be, like, `How about that Michael Phelps? ' That was one of those completely, totally, utterly fabricated lies that came out of nowhere. "I swear on everything, on my job, my house, my dog.... Why did Underwood ever say that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, with whom she was briefly associated, still calls her (a comment that Simpson, now dating Romo, "laughed at" and said was "definitely" not true)?

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