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There is a true camaraderie here between the three friends (Murphy, Lawrence and Grier) and their conversation and actions around one another has the easy flow that longtime friends exhibit.They play jokes on each other, they make fun of each other and they are supportive of one another. From burning his dinner when his friends come over, to his hilarious observations about racism (the game of pool is racist because the white ball knocks the **** out of all the coloured balls, including the black one) to defending his unfortunate lack of lovemaking in the last few years, his interpretation of Tyler is just perfect. Dawn and Boyz To Men, among many of the stars, lending tracks to the film, it reminds me of the soundtrack to Last American Virgin in the sense that there are so many of today's superstars of music on the soundtrack.Murphy has shown a different side to him here and it is also one of his funnier films in quite some time.He is assisted in the comedy department here by two very funny guys, David Allan Grier and Martin Lawrence, the latter stealing every scene he is in.Berry was rumored to be involved with Snipes after working on Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever.” Snipes was pinned by the gossip mill as the person who physically abused her, though the actress has remained mum on the topic.

One highlight of the rocky relationship was the infamous Thanksgiving Day brawl between Martinez and Aubry.

He did rebound nicely after this film and it is good to see him going back to what he knows.

Eddie Murphy and ex Nicole have a daughter named Bria who has become an artist.

Boomerang is also blessed with a truly mellifluous soundtrack. With Babyface producing, this is another winning production from him.

Boomerang solidifies Eddie Murphy's return to the king of comedy.

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Murphy was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984.

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