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In an amoral home, where a man lives in sin with a woman, his daughter and his son fall in love, and have incestuous relations even after the young woman marrys.Her husband will seek revenge, and a gory end will unite all in classic tragedy - death.Drummond learns that the two soldiers were part of a set of thirteen which formed the key to a hidden vault of treasure.Following some clever sleuthing and set-up on Drummond's part, the guilty man is trapped in the vault,which is hidden behind the fireplace.1950-től 1963-ig, 1967-től 1973-ig, majd 1980-tól 2000-ig a Nemzeti Színház művésze.2000-től a korábbi Nemzeti társulatában maradt, így a Magyar Színház tagja lett.

Orgánuma, elegáns szuggesztív egyénisége, elementáris erejű szerepformálása, humora, intellektuális ereje, kitűnően érvényesült klasszikus hősök megformálásában, színpadon és filmen egyaránt. Élthes Eszter „Férjem, a komédiás" címmel írt róla könyvet, amely 2004 novemberében jelent meg.Pascal saves his life and begins his adventure next to a man who says his wife wants to intern in a madhouse.Not imagine what is where will take your good deed Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond is called in to solve the murder of a man from whom two lead soldiers were stolen.He's fascinated by one of the checkers, Scarlet, a young woman from Spain with a preternatural ability to ring up items at the cash register.She hates her job, stuck at the 10 items or less lane.

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