Dating a high school girl in college

When people fail to do either, the relationship will not work,” Vivian said.With this commitment comes the fact that there will be temptation that you will need to resist.On the other hand, 3000 miles of separation is no joke.Moving onto the next stage of your life, should you leave your high school boyfriend behind?

HC Contributing Writer Rachel, a student at James Madison University, and her boyfriend, who goes to University of South Carolina, are separated by six hours.“Long-distance relationships are all about trust and willingness to commit.If you're unsure as to whether or not you can do it going into the relationship, long distance is not for you,” she said.When he went out, more trust in him and our relationship was required because it was a totally new lifestyle he was being exposed to that I knew little about,” she said.Being in a high school relationship while in college means both people making a sincere commitment, but this commitment might not be the same for every couple.

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Bringing Part of Your High School Life to College You can expect that sometimes other people will give you a hard time that you are constantly video-chatting with your boyfriend instead of going out with your friends.

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