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The next day I started reading again, this time I decided to just let myself go into the fantasy and before I knew it was I was rubbing my pussy and aching for some cock.

I went into our bedroom and grabbed that dildo you are always trying to fuck me with and I started reading again.

She has always just waited for me to do something romantic. I walked over to the bottle of wine and poured us both a tall glass. She took my glass of wine and with one giant gulp swallowed half the glass.

But I started to look at them through your eyes and not mine. By the end of last week I was sitting at the computer reading a story off some website and I got up to answer the phone and I was completely wet.

I didn't realize how wet I was or how turned on I was.

I have read story after story about wives who sleep with other men to make themselves finally be able to orgasm, and to teach their husbands lessons in lovemaking." Her hand was moving up and down my shaft as I sat and listened to her talk about her past week of sexual exploration.

My stomach had a huge knot in it as I listened to her every word with excitement.

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As we entered the hotel room for what I thought was going to be a night of hot passionate love making, my wife was acting very strange; it was if she knew something I didn't.

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